A Mail-order Bride: Who Is She?

I’ve met lots of men who asked what is a mail-order bride? To make it clear, let’s say they are women for marriage you can find on the Internet. There are special websites where they create profiles and foreign men (mostly wealthy) can find them. Well, I decided to find out if it really works and share my experience with others.

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Why do mail-order brides want to find a husband?

Men always want to find a woman of their dream. A perfect lady with a hot, wonderful appeasable character, good manners, sharp mind, and full devotion to the family. In fact, it is almost a fairy-tale. Are there perfect people at all? However, mail-order bride websites assure their women are perfect. The truth is that they have a culture, which differs from ours. Depending on the country, the attitude towards marriage and family as well as their status in their society may vary. Thus, you can find a bride who is very close to your ideal.

Women are looking for a foreign husband for various reasons. I managed to distinguish several most frequent and true ones:

  • To live a better life in better living conditions
  • To enjoy a better attitude towards females
  • To have more opportunities for education or work
  • To find a man able to support them
  • To find a good husband to have kids.

Besides, many others are still assured that they want to find their real love. There are cases when the number of men is comparatively small in their country, that’s why girls have to stay single or use the Internet to find a partner.

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How to get a mail-order bride: age issue

In order to find perfect women, men search for mail-order bride websites. I did the same and discovered some interesting facts about them. First of all, there are resources with the women of a definite race/religion. It is comfortable if you already know which one is suitable for you.

Many of you ask about age. You will possibly be glad to know that you have more chances if you are 30-60-year-old. The women’s age also varies. At the same time, you will unlikely meet any teenagers or very young girls who just graduated school. The requirements of mail-order bride websites are strict enough and the administration understands that jailbaits will hardly have serious intentions to create a family.

Besides, elderly men have all the chances to find a wife. It is very comfortable for those who divorced or become a widower. No one wants to be alone, this is normal. Don’t be afraid, people on such resources will never judge you. They are very understanding and polite.

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Chatting with a mail-order bride

Let’s talk about communication. The first thing you need to remember is that you can chat with them for free. There are sites, which require fees for registration or premium access. But after you pay, no money will be demanded. That’s why I’d recommend being careful. Observing various websites, I read lots of reviews with negative comments on girls asking to pay them first. They are not real mail-order brides, just scammers.

Now let’s speak about the means of communication in general. On the websites, only chats are usually available. Thus, you can write to each other. It is very romantic I should say. But it is not enough (at least for me). If a real meeting is impossible due to various reasons, you can just offer your lady to use Skype to have a face-to-face experience. It is much more productive, I should say. Moreover, don’t forget that it is easier to lie or pretend to be someone else using only chat.

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Personal attitude towards mail-order brides

Like many of my mates, I also decided to try my fortune after several years of unsuccessful relations with local women. I selected a website after considering several parameters described on the Internet:

  • Interface. Any good website should have a user-friendly interface. It is also advisable to pay attention to navigation.
  • Security. It is essential to make sure that your personal information is appropriately protected with the corresponding security certificates and protocols. The security issue is important to avoid becoming a victim of fraudsters.
  • Profiles quality. I observed the ladies’ accounts, their nationalities, age, and information they provide.
  • Customer support. There are definite problems, which can occur at any time. As an advanced Internet user, I want to have 24/7 support.

After the registration on the website, I created a profile and started my search for the other half. I looked preferable for a Russian, Latvian or other girls with an appearance common to my eye. There are hundreds of them there, I should say. I talked to several ladies, the profiles of whom corresponded to my requirements. To be more exact, I was looking for a 30-year-old girl with good education and a sense of humor. I was not going to marry straight away but I still wanted serious relations. I finally found the one I seemed to like. It was wonderful chatting with her for two weeks. After this, I decided to try Skype.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a huge disappointment. She was really beautiful, yes. The largest problem was the language barrier. Sometimes we could not understand each other at all. She tried using Google Translator or something but it seemed to be an artificial communication.

There was one more problem. I constantly felt the absence of so-called ‘chemistry’, which usually flies in the air when you meet someone you like in real life. Thus, I came to the conclusion that I’m not ready for such long-distance relations. As a comparatively young man, I still need a special physical connection.

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The best way to find a bride: Online vs offline dating

To satisfy your curiosity, I also prepared the impartial pros and cons of real and online dating. For offline dating, the benefits are as follows:

  • you can estimate a woman as she is because you see, hear, and even smell her
  • you can feel the ‘chemistry’
  • there is no language barrier.

The drawbacks are as follows:

  • you cannot use filters to find a girl in accordance with the definite criteria
  • you don’t know her real intentions
  • you have to spend lots of money on dates, flowers, gifts, etc.

Consider the advantages of online dating:

  • you save lots of money
  • you can use filters
  • the girls have serious intentions

As for the disadvantages, I’d mention the risks of scam and the absence of ‘chemistry’ (yes, this is important for me!).

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Psychological issue of mail-order brides

The issue is not new to modern society. Mail-order brides have existed for many years. The reasons for both sides of such dating lie in their expectations. The women becoming mail order brides are attractive, tender, moderate, they are family-directed, and faithful. Western men want to have such wives because the majority of their girls are now more care-oriented while they want a woman with more traditional views on a woman’s role in a family.

Besides, local men and living conditions do not meet the requirements of those women. Thus, they are looking for strong men who’d respect and take care of them. Western men correspond to such requirements.

Online gay dating

In addition, I want to say some words about non-traditional relations and even marriages. Today it is a common thing for the majority of local guys. There are sites and apps created for gays to let them find their love. Well, maybe this is one more reason for our men to try mail order bride services.


Even though my experience needs to fill more gaps, it was still worth trying. You can at least know more girls and compare them with your local women to decide, whom you really need for your life. Give it a try and it will possibly work for you.